About us

Bailo consulting is a unique on-line agency approach to business and advertising your property.Portal to help you find the right property and make one of the most important decisions of life: buying real estate.

When you are looking for real estate, looking for more than just walls. We need to settle on this occasion: the location, lifestyle, budget, proximity to schools, facilities for leisure. On this trip you need adequate funding, advice, lawyer, architect, interior designer and so on. And most importantly help in buying.

For this reason we designed a unique real estate portal where you will find the right property and a lot of useful information. Portal is owned by licensed real estate agents Bailo consulting doo and is intended to you-property buyers, investors, tourists visiting Croatia, banks, companies that are engaged in activities that are related real estate.

We have introduced a whole range of services some of which are appearing for the first time on the Croatian market. Soon introduce new services and we are sure that you will return to our site and find useful information. Using our portal there is no need to get out of their comfortable armchairs, hours wandering through various portals and looking for the right property.

Our agents are available for the tour of the property, mail us, you can send a request for mediation if you want to sell the property, you can find a proven business that will let you edit the newly purchased apartment or our associates leave regulation "turnkey". If you need professional advice to enable it to you thanks to our experience with real estate and valuable to our professional team and external collaborators that includes following the law firm, architectural studio, contractors. If you do not know how valuable your real estate, we have provided for you a free estimate of the property, you can download a free guide to buying property in Croatia. Everything is available in one click. For you to settle in and take advantage of our website.

We hope you enjoy looking for their dream home...